SHARP Faculty

NameTopic Area
Awaya, Jonathan PhD
Assoc. Prof., Biology
Molecular microbiology, microbial pathogens and plant-growth promoting bacteria, bacterial libraries, secondary metabolite synthetic genes, constructing bacterial mutants
Brown, Daniel PhD
Prof. Anthropology
Research on health disparities in minority ethnic groups in Hawaii, risk factors for hypertension and type 2 diabetes, disparities in immigrant populations
Cann, Rebecca L. PhD
Prof. Cell and Mol. Biol., UH Manoa
Genetics, genetic aspects of small populations of island peoples and native fauna
Chang, Leng Chee PhD
Assoc. Prof, DKICP
Natural product chemistry, inhibitors of STAT3; Hawaiian plant compounds for cancer chemoprevention; traditional herbal medicine; smoking cessation agents
Connelly, Linda PhD
Assoc. Prof, DKICP
Cancer biology, role of inflammation in tumor progression, role of obesity in breast cancer, tumor metastasis
Frueh, B. “Chris” PhD
Prof., Psychology
Research in public sector mental healthcare services for trauma survivors with comorbid psychiatric disorders (PTSD + substance abuse, depression, schizophrenia) in rural areas, community mental health centers, Veterans Affairs, primary care, and criminal justice settings
Furumo, Norbert C., PhD
Assoc. Prof., Chemistry
Nutritional supplements and metabolism in fungi and other organisms, fungal plant pathogen Phytophthora colocasiae that causes Taro Leaf Blight (TLB), oxalate oxidases, transcriptome analysis; STEM programs, summer intensive mathematics and chemistry programs
Guillen, Jenni K. PhD
Instructor, Biology
Epidemiology, potential biomarkers for use as prognostic tools in colorectal cancer patients, pesticide effect(s) on reproductive health, neuroendocrine hormone oxytocin
Guendisch, Daniela PhD
Assoc. Prof., DKICP (8/15)
Medicinal chemistry, CNS drugs; radiotracers (PET, SPECT); DMLs (desired multiple ligands); nAChR ligands; in silico ADMET; chemistry of drug degradation
Hamad, Mazen PhD
Assoc. Prof., DKICP
Pharmacochemistry, concentration measurements of pharmaceutical mixtures, chemometric algorithms and data fusion for Fourier transform infrared spectra and powder X-ray diffraction
Hart, Patrick, PhD
Assoc. Prof., & Chair, Biology
Behavioral ecology, community ecology, population biology, vegetation ecology, and conservation of Hawaiian forests and forest birds
Heuer, , PhD
Assoc. Prof., Psychology
Aging, Alzheimer’s disease, age-related alterations in cognitive function
Higa-McMillan, Charmaine PhD
Assoc. Prof, Psychology
Behavior, psychosocial interventions for youth in public mental health, mental health services in underserved schools and communities, emotion and childhood internalizing disorders
Jacobs, Aaron PhD
Asst. Prof., DKICP
Cancer cell biology, novel heat-shock induced gene products; Signal transduction cross-talk between heat shock and hypoxia-induced cellular responses
Jarvi, Susan I. PhD
Genetics in host resistance to malaria (Plasmodium relictum); parasite-parasite interactions and influences on virulence; rat lung worm studies
Koomoa-Lange, Dana-Lynn PhD
Asst. Prof., DKICP
Cancer cell biology, mechanisms that alter calcium signaling in diabetes, cancer and other disorders; screening extracts and compounds for anti-cancer effects
Nakanishi, Stan T. PhD
Asst. Prof., Biology
Neurobiology, in vivo electrophysiology in adult mammals, basis of diversity of motoneuron electrical properties, spinal sensory-motor field studies, traumatic brain injury
Simmons, Charles PhD
Asst. Prof., Chemistry
Physical chemistry, synthesis and structure determination of metal complexes that reversibly absorb oxygen from the air potentially mimicking the active sites in hemoglobin and myoglobin
Sun, Dianqing PhD
Assoc. Prof., DKICP
Medicinal chemistry, design and chemical synthesis of novel antitubercular and antibacterial agents; synthesis and evaluation of anticancer and cancer chemopreventive agents
Tan, Ghee PhD
Assoc. Prof. DKICP
Drug discovery for cancer and malaria; microbial endophytes for new drug leads; mechanism of action; target identification; ethnopharmacology
Tao, Li PhD
Asst. Prof., DKICP
Cell biology, timing and positioning of cytokinesis furrow, analysis of kinesin-5, a target for cancer treatment, baculovirus system kinesin motor protein expression
Wiegner, Tracy PhD
Prof., Marine Science
Water quality in island watersheds, impact of water quality on human health, microbes, plant material, and nutrients that move from streams and rivers into estuaries and the ocean
Wongwiwatthananukit, Supakit PharmD, PhD
Prof., DKICP
Health outcome statistics, evaluation of medication therapy management of tobacco cessation, obesity, diabetes, cancer therapy; metabolomic profiles using multivariate statistics
NameTopic Area