SHARP Students

Meet the SHARP students 2016 - 2017


Nathan Sunada

PhD Candidate, Pharmaceutical Science
Mentor: Dr. Dana-Lynn Ko’omoa-Lange  | Research Interest: Calcium Response Profiles in High-Risk Neuroblastoma: Novel Mechanisms Driving Multi-drug Resistance  | Profile: view bio now

Jennifer Eastin

Sophomore, Biology & Pre-Nursing
Mentor: Dr. Leng Chee Chang; | Research: Screening of Hawaiian Medicinal Plants and Marine Algae for anticancer activities | Profile: view bio

Dustin Tacdol

Junior, Biology
Mentor: Dr. Ingo Ko’omoa-Lange | Research: Key mechanisms of ion channel signaling in cancer drug resistance | Profile: view bio now

Joseph Caldwell

Junior, Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Eric Heuer | Research: Effects of long-term stimulant self-administration on the aging primate brain | Profile: see bio now

Mikayla Jones

Senior, Biology & Marine Sciences
Mentor: Dr. Aaron Jacobs  | Research: Molecular biology specifically HSF1 and pulmonary fibrosis | Profile: view bio now

Dominick Trevino

Junior, Nursing
Mentor: Dr. Stan Nakanishi | Research: Investigating the anti-bacterial efficacy of native Hawaiian plant-based medicines | Profile: view bio now

Melia Takakusagi

Sophomore, Cell & Molecular Biology
Mentor: Dr. Tracy Wiegner | Research: Staphylococcus and MRSA in Hawaiian Coastal waters | Student Profile: view bio now

Jasmine Hicking

Sophomore, Biology
Mentor: Dr. Shugeng Cao | Research: Anti-Cancer and Anti-Bacterial Agents in Native Hawaiian Plants | Profile: view bio now

Zaq Tman

Graduate Student, TCBES
Mentor: Dr. Lynn Morrison | Research: Occupational Stress and Animal Welfare in Humane Societies | Profile: view bio now

Stephanie Montoya

Sophomore, Biology & Pre-Pharm
Mentor: Dr. Daniel Brown  | Research: The Relation between Brown Adipose Tissue, Climate, and Hot Flashes during Midlife | Profile: view bio now

Kendrick Dalmacio

Freshman, Chemistry
Mentor: Dr. Dianqing Sun | Research: Discovery, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Antibacterial and Anti-Cancer Agents in Natural Products | Profile: view bio now

Daniel Martinez

Senior, Psychology & Math
Mentor: Dr. Eric Heuer | Effects of long-term stimulant self-administration on the aging primate brain  | Profile: view now

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